HAPPYTEAM1You have a problem, and I’d be happy to help you solve it. Professional consultation services are available for individuals, groups or organizations. These services could include management or strategy analysis, organizational conflict resolution, and creation of program and service delivery models. I am also available to provide training on a variety of topics. Please contact the office to discuss fees associated with these services.


Sometimes as leaders we feel stuck. We know that what we are doing isn’t working because we can see the evidence of that. Perhaps the program isn’t providing quality outcomes, staff or functions are not efficient enough, there’s a financial loss where there shouldn’t be, etc. You have racked your brain for a solution but you are unable to see outside of the box you are in. You need an objective point of view. This is a common problem. Less common is making the decision to determine a solution and execute it. The goal of management/strategy analysis is to help a group or organization define a problem, strategize the best solutions for the group, and devise a plan to execute the solutions in a way that will reduce or eliminate the problem.


Conflict can be a very productive part of the workplace if handled effectively. If the issue is not properly managed it can lead to turnover, reduced productivity, dissatisfied employees/consumers, reduced revenue–even legal problems. This service can assist you in the following ways:

  • identifying sources of conflict between individual personnel or groups
  • mediating specific situational conflict
  • processing conflict and solution identification with your group
  • guiding leaders in identifying how your work culture impacts personnel relationships and productivity
  • enhancing effective communication strategies
  • creating a conflict resolution strategy that works best for your organization and making it protocol

Conflicts will always arise, and some have the potential to jeopardize the integrity of your organization. Before that happens, reach out. I will lend a hand in mediating your conflict so the end result is growth for all parties involved.


Program and service delivery models can greatly benefit any organization. Frequently, these models are used by non-profit organizations as they are developing from their grass roots. With that being said, it is my belief that all businesses could benefit from this. Your model will define every aspect of your program and be a very valuable tool when marketing, fundraising, and grant writing. Fiscal contributors appreciate a detailed look into your organization. Program models also assist in refocusing your program to its mission in the event of organizational drift. Maintaining a focus to your mission is critical for it’s integrity, reliability, and efficacy. In addition, staying mission driven sustains clarity for those impacted by the organization and improves overall outcomes. Finally, having a program/service delivery model allows your model to be replicated. If what you are doing is working and helping populations that are difficult to help, this should be shared! What you are doing could have a state-wide, national, even global impact. That’s pretty fancy.

Once completed, these models are the property of your organization; however, with development they should be modified. I can help with that if needed.


We are trained in providing emotional health wellness coaching to big business. Where there is a big job to do, there is often big stress as well. We can contract with your organization to provide after work meditation groups, trauma informed yoga classes, and 1:1 coaching to make you or your employee happier, healthier, and more productive.


We thoroughly enjoy providing trainings on topics which include DEI, emotional wellness/self-care, trauma resolution, professional ethics, boundaries, and workplace conflict resolution. In addition to these topics, if your organization has a specific training need we would be happy to work with you on creating something that fulfills that. 100% of the time a trained person/organization is a more comfortable person/organization is a better functioning person/organization.